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What You Can Do With Your Body Electricity?

 I had the benefit of starting Martial Arts when I was very young and was aware of chi or electricity as early as I can remember. It seemed to me as a natural by product of certain martial arts, although still, to this day, is not widely accepted by many mainstream martial arts. Although I did not understand it deeply, I had many experiences of feeling this bio-electricity and being aware of its healing presence and its powers for fighting.

I was also fascinated with wellness and diseases and wanting to understand everything about the body and its cause and effects. My father was an alternative physician and a martial artist which gave me a different perspective on how we operate.

To me Eastern and Western medicine are not as disconnected as we might think. They are just dealing with a different level of density of the body. The Eastern way is to address the subtle electrical aspects first to avoid disruption of the organism,  and the Western way is often to take the body on once a large disruption has occurred and intervention is necessary. Healer/physicians in Greek and Chinese early history had also recognized the need for both ways and were in touch with both subtle and dense methods. They too would perform surgical procedures when the subtle electricity could no longer solve the problem and when the emotions, humors and meridians had already been addressed.

The body has an incredible ability to heal itself, however, its electricity can often be blocked for many different reasons. 

Blockages in the body always start first as electrochemical and then become more solid over time. We all have the ability to cultivate our electricity as you would a muscle and build it up as a healing tool for use when it is needed. 

This electricity or chi, when used properly along with putting the body in the right position, can make what appears to be miraculous healing but it is simply the body getting a new charge of particles and currents that it needs to heal.

As you begin to understand your own electrical system and make corrections to it, you can improve many of your own injuries by restoring your electrical flow to its optimal state. You can also influence your mental and emotional states as well through this process. 

To do so you learn how the circuits flow and understand how to clear them when they’re blocked. When they’re not repairing themselves naturally you can unblock them and help the chi flow which can lead to healing. 

Over the years, I have been able activate my body’s natural healing of many of my own injuries. And when something was beyond repair, I was able to control the pain and strengthen the areas around it to keep it healthy until an intervention was needed. This was all from my many years of training with chi and learning to understand the body through the martial arts.

Chi Regeneration
is a Form of
Medicine in Motion

I have used my Kung fu and  guided many people to improve their bodies of conditions and injuries using the science and physics of conducting electricity. Through my decades of training in the martial arts and sciences, I have learned how to understand the scientific forces of the body’s electricity (chi) and the elements that compose its make-up.

I have learned how to absorb electricity, light and particles into my body’s electrical field, cells, bone marrow and tissues, (the very same process you use to store energy from food or energy from sunlight or water), and then project and direct that electricity to where the body needs support. The body can then facilitate both rapid and gradual change in certain situations where nothing else has worked. Although it may appear miraculous, it is simply a byproduct of giving the body the charge it needs to make a correction for itself. It is nature doing the miracle it was designed to do. 

What is

For any healing or change whatsoever to take place there must be the following:

  • An introduction or removal of the proper electromagnetic force, mineral and element
  • A shift (position change) in the cellular/electric and physical/chemical matrix of the body
  • The body must be able to hold that change and integrate it as part of its own system

At its most fundamental and basic level, healing occurs as the exchange or movement of electrochemical forces; healing is the shifting of the position of  blocked or trapped forces back into the original natural position of its proper design.

The various parts of our bodies,  although they appear to be material, are constructed of layers of electrical fields, particles and minerals or elements. You can also call this unseen reality, chi. A body in its healthy state will have a proper balance of chi in its internal electrical cell structure, fluids, minerals, air, blood and more.  When the body is damaged physically through a strain, sprain, wound, adhesion, the electrical flow will be altered as well, and if not corrected, can cause problems in other areas. When the electrical aspect is damaged, through exhaustion, anger, anxiety and toxins then the physical will suffer as well. There is no life or health without balanced electromagnetism and particles

Our body is a conductor
of electromagnetic signals
and elements.

All of our thoughts, feelings, actions and states are governed by the forces we conduct within and our connections to ourselves and our atmosphere. The core problems we face, whether they be mental, emotional or physical, are actually forces in motion.

The language of healing whether through acupuncture, taking vitamins or supplements, prescription medication or surgery is the same. Whatever is an irregularity to the body’s natural position must be moved. What is lacking must be restored and what is excess must be removed. A new signal and position change must occur. Taking a prescription pill could have a similar effect to placing an acupuncture needle in the correct place. Both of these actions create a shift in the body’s electrochemical matrix and therefore change the signaling or rhythm of the body to a more optimal state when needed.

Chi + Electromagnetism
in the World

Our entire internal health system operates in rhythmic cycles exactly like the cycles of the earth and the atmospheric elements. We are not separate even if we think and act like we are. We are constantly replenished by bodies of natural forces that surround us. The sun, the moon, the forests, oceans, and earth, cleverly provide the building blocks of our regeneration through design of their position and composition, and our abilities to absorb new information and release old information. Trees, earth, mountains, air, water, rock, sunlight, gasses, they all have a profound and specific pulse and purpose to exchange particles and electricity to further life. They are all part of the rhythmic building blocks of our wellness.

The hearts’ electromagnetic force can draw and magnetize electricity; the lungs and bone marrow can store it and shape it, the mind and heart can intend while the hands, arms and feet project electrical forces. The body is felt and witnessed by the Universe as what it is,  a complex and living matrix of electromagnetism in motion. Your fingers, hands and mind can generate precise electrical rhythms and pulses into your electrical field, organs and cells to give the body what it is asking for but not receiving on its own. Your body can project positive and negative charges (yin and yang) in a direct and oscillating current. These projected currents of energy and electricity can open meridians, tissue blockages, neural pathways and invigorate the body, calm it, clear it of toxins, help to rebuild chemicals and create a transformation. When the voltage is strong enough and the force is correct and constant the body will change. Much like taking a supplement or mineral that is missing, you can sometimes feel better in a flash and other times feel better gradually. The reason is the same; the body got what is needed.

Our electricity can be altered into many rhythms and forms and when grounded properly will hook into the earth’s field and create a stronger amplification of electrical force. We are able to pull both infrared heat and cooling minerals from the earth as well as direct electrical fields around us to create balance in the body and much more. These are all functions we can all do naturally but are not aware of.


Release The Struggle & Embrace A New Experience 

SMA gives you a wisdom of body and mind that uses nature to enjoy a lifetime without the struggle of imbalanced mental and physical states. The benefits of SMA expand far beyond the concepts and philosophies. 

The physical positions and forms carry unique healing mechanisms in them that the body and nature both understand which will free you to just enjoy the experience and sensations of the system, postures, and techniques as a pleasure and not as a difficult challenge you have to master while struggling with imbalances and addictions. 

The Many Uses of Your Own Power through MAOW

You will not only learn to reclaim your power that was disconnected or overridden by trauma, and abuse, but you will learn to direct your will to fight off what is within you that you no longer identify with that demeans your truest power and purpose. 

If you became powerless at some point or area in your life you can begin to access and rebuild the relationship to your authentic power that lives outside of the realm of addictions. 


SMA helps you to understand the inner working of your chi, physiology & behavior. It is a tool to leverage your inner self and its mechanisms. 

You learn to identify, not diagnose what the body and mind are doing based upon the awareness of the martial arts system of energy, electromagnetism and mental imbalanced states of mind and body. 

You approach the various symptoms, syndromes, and personality disorders through the creative lens of the martial arts and physics capacity to transform through motion, position, and force. 

SMA programs are designed to customize your experience of whatever sobriety offers you to support your best and highest truth.  We are not linking you to a determined position in advanced we are working with you to develop an ongoing progress and varying perspectives so that you have many options to enjoy your new life of sobriety and activating your most powerful natural skills to enjoy a pleasant life filled with the activities you enjoy the most. 



SMA utilizes body electricity, precise postures, and neurological channels to awaken forces that have been masked by defeating patterns so you can build new and healthy communication channels within your body and mind.

Positions act like conductors of electricity for the body and environment. When they are combined with proper intentions and Chi (electromagnetic forces), they can create specific and lasting changes that cannot be achieved through any other means.

SMA refers to chi as electromagnetism and all its varying forces. 

Here are some studies and articles related to mental health, body electricity, chi / electromagnetism showing the validity of SMA science for addictions and other conditions. 

“Our bodies are fundamentally electric. When a person goes into cardiac arrest, for example, a defibrillator is used to apply electrical energy to the heart so that it can reestablish a normal rhythm.

So, the electricity that flows through our body creates electromagnetic fields. External magnetic fields and the body’s native magnetic fieldsinteract regularly. Because of these interactions, a magnetic field passing through the body will have an electromagnetic effect on a cellular level.

Electric and magnetic fields control our chemistry by changing and influencing the motion of charged particles. This movement stimulates a vast array of chemical and electric actions in tissues, helping them rebalance or heal themselves where necessary. Additionally, this increased motion of ions and electrolytes helps cells increase their available energy by as much as 500%.

Electromagnetic fields affect the charge of the cell membrane, rebalancing it so that membrane channels can open up. These channels are like the doors and windows of a house – by opening them, oxygen and nutrients are better able to enter the cell, and carbon dioxide and waste are more easily eliminated from the cell. This helps to rebalance and restore optimum cell function.

If you restore and rebalance enough cells, they will all work more efficiently. Cells of the same type come together to make tissues, which come together to make organs. By restoring or maintaining cellular function, you will in turn restore or maintain organ function, allowing the entire body to function better. This is the basis for magnetic field therapy – affecting and improving basic cellular function in order to combat a variety of health conditions and when possible, prevent cellular damage from happening in the first place.”\–010521

The Magneto Sense of the Brain

In our experiment, alpha-ERD shows that the human brain can detect Earth-strength magnetic fields, demonstrating that we have a sensory system that processes the geomagnetic field all around us. Potentially, we and/or our nomadic hunter-gatherer ancestors could use 

What did we discover?

We have confirmed that human neurophysiology is indeed sensitive to magnetism. We have discovered specific rotations of earth-strength fields that trigger distinctive brain wave activity that shows that we are subconsciously processing geomagnetic stimuli

We’ve known about the five basic senses: vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste since ancient times, but this is the first discovery of an entirely new human sense in modern times. In future studies, we want to know what a magnetic sense does for us.

  2.     A coil placed on top of Emma’s head created a magnetic field that sent electric pulses through her skull to tickle the surface of her brain. She says it felt like a woodpecker tapping on her skull every 15 seconds. The electrical current is directed at the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that plans, dreams and controls our emotions.
  3.     “There’s a stampede of these new technologies,” says Mark George, a psychiatrist and neurologist at the Medical University of South Carolina and editor-in-chief of the journal Brain Stimulation. “There are all these different ways to get into the brain and figure out how to change the circuits.”

Indeed, there’s a growing consensus among neuroscientists that many psychiatric illnesses stem from problems in the brain’s electrical circuits. 

“In psychiatry, we have gone from ‘It’s all about your mother’ a la Freud to the concept of chemical imbalances in the brain to the current focus on dysfunctional brain circuits and genetics,” says Emory University neurologist Helen Mayberg, a pioneer in brain imaging and depression. 

But much still isn’t known, she adds. “What regions are in the game? How are they wired up? Which ones are most important to which problem?”

Why is this so important?

Electro-acupuncture improves psychiatric symptoms, anxiety and depression in methamphetamine addicts during abstinence

Research on acupuncture detoxification started from the treatment of opioids addiction. Studies have found that acupuncture, as an adjuvant therapy for detoxification, shows a good efficacy for the treatment of abstinence symptoms after morphine addiction.[11] Compared with drug treatment, acupuncture detoxification has no side effects, no dependence, and no drug interaction.


Repetitive Transcranial stim drop cannabus habits in schizophrenics 60% and improves cognition as well-


The decrease of BP during submaximal exercise may lower the rate pressure product, which indicates the decrease of myocardial oxygen consumption. In a recent pooled analysis of 26 studies (11 in English, 15 in Chinese), Yeh and colleagues [21] reported positive effect of Tai Chi on BP control. In individuals with hypertension, Tai Chi training may reduce systolic BP (range: −7 to −32 mm Hg) and diastolic BP (−2.4 to −18 mm Hg). In studies for noncardiovascular populations or healthy patients, the decreases ranged from −4 to −18 mm Hg in systolic BP and from −2.3 to −7.5 mm Hg in diastolic BP.


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