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Frequently Asked Questions

I will commit to you as a partner, coach and mentor to work together until the job is done, whatever it takes, we will get it done! As long as you show up, we will get it done!   I am dedicated, committed, passionate, focused, relentless, insightful and tireless. I will pass no judgment on you in this process but I will however, point out every little detail, every sliver of cheat, lie or imbalance that is blocking your from seeing and being your best.  I will hold you accountable for your failures, highlight them out, come up with solutions and continue to go forward until we get it done.

You will learn the skills needed to maintain what you are building and growing and to understand how to go forward without me .

We will address  many components of your life: your body and its weaknesses, your mind and emotions,  how you think and breathe, what your visions and goals are, your obstacles, impediments and wounds and most importantly, your electrical/chi system.

You will learn an entirely new language of how to understand the internal process of your organs, your vitality, your levels of chi, your elements, your posture and everything required to build up your system to battle the addictions, rewire your system and win.

You will learn about the  flow of chi/electricity and force in relation to your weaknesses and how you can create power and focus that is so strong it can alter your internal rhythms that govern your body and mind.

You will be able to suggest ideas, solutions and suggestions that help you create the balance in your life you need to stay sober.

You will be given specific scientific exercises based on the martial arts to shift your stress patterns, curb  your cravings daily and create a sense of wellness you may have not ever known was possible without any substance.

You can work in tandem with me and your doctors, psychiatrists and close relatives, if needed.

You will have assignments designed to help you feel, see and know the world in a very different fashion through the SMA techniques.

I have spent my life studying addictions firsthand through the lens of my own imbalances and applying my martial arts knowledge toward healing them and many of their accompanying syndromes. I have worked with many ‘extremely difficult cases’  as well, honing my skills and techniques. I am aware of the body and mind’s ability to create enormous electrical force and how to use that energy to balance out and heal one’s system. I have helped thousands heal their bodies using my martial arts abilities. The combination of knowing the hidden devils of the addictions and having an awareness of using the body electricity to create change gives me a deep capacity to empathize with your situation and provide you the specific tools you will need to access the higher power within your own organism and create balance from there.

Those who have followed the SMA Programs have been able to burn through their cravings and also begin to feel and sense the havoc the addictive substance and addictive thinking has caused to their own body and those around them that have suffered from the addict’s behavioral disorders. They begin to heal the fragmented parts of themselves through experiencing their own electrical force and how powerful and free they truly are.

The programs are not designed just to get you sober but to help you understand how you can live in an elevated zone that is connected, harmonious and balanced. This zone is a creative power you access that helps you grow from within and become a much better version of yourself and in many cases a new version.

Moving away from intellectual gymnastics and disembodied ideas, and joining mind into the powerful realm of the body’s truth is where success lives.

You are not entering a sobriety program, you are entering a martial arts program geared toward healing and sobriety. That means your body and mind are simultaneously being reconditioned through the development of a new way to experience reality through repatterining your system. You are learning to channel and manipulate force consciously, to alter your internal environment which will then change your interactions.

You are learning to use the body in a new way that will increase your understanding of power, connection, love, flow, sensitivity and much more. Unlike programs that only address the mind, SMA will activate specific relationships in pathways of the body that store great force to help you transform in a way that the mind could not conceive. Some examples would be: If you are addicted because you are under-stimulated chemically, or overstimulated chemically, you would use a different position, body part, and focus to change the electrical force within your body to raise or lower it, depending on what you needed. The permutations are specifically tailored to each unique situation.

Electro Magnetism (charged particles in motion)  is the body’s master core force that is the precursor to change in the all the body’s and mind’s functions
Understanding how to access and utilize the electromagnetism of the body in an entirely new way creates a paradigm of potential changes that are focused, direct and not available through other methods.
Through magnetism, positions and motion, one can draw upon new natural forces and experiences that can change the nervous system, build esteem and activate profound healing.
Training magnetism changes the lens in which you experience and know yourself therefore you can alter
and change your internal spacial maps and therefore your sense of being.
SMA gives you the opportunity to redefine your internal and external self through power, breath, electrical diversity, energetic capacity, and movement.
SMA works to heal the addictions on an organ/ brain level as well as helping to reduce inflammation through the utilization of polarity and force balancing. This balancing occurs as a byproduct of  placing the body in positions while using  internal movements that target specific and necessary processes (physical, emotional and mental)  that the body is lacking due to the addictive mechanism.
SMA provides electrical activity for the  body daily (that it is lacking)  through the manipulation of forces and elements.  This process can act like a rebirth or gradual transformation of one’s nervous system. Over time the body and mind will adjust based on the specialized positions and movements you  put it through.
SMA teaches you to shift your thermostat and internal rhythms which influence the  personality and body.
SMA addresses self esteem by strengthening the electricity of the body on a facia, organ and  ligament level which directly influences how we code ourselves
SMA opens the core heart and purifies the organs and spine which is where core somatic weakness and wounds are stored; this can help release trauma and enhance wellness.
SMA offers ADHD training – using martial awareness techniques, SMA healing protocols, and internal core management to balance ADHD
SMA offers sensitivity training for the Narcissism aspect of the addiction as well as  heart force awakening to help expand the electrical field and open new neutral networks to make stronger heartfelt connections.
SMA will help with lying to oneself and others, stealing, presenting a false self for fear of  using  the authentic and vital real self
SMA is the instrument and Map to experience the force you need to battle addictions and restore strength and vitality on a cellular level to maintain an addiction free state
Your body at its core is an electromagnetic receiver and generator capable of dramatic change (plasticity)
Your body naturally channels a combination of electromagnetic forces and elements to maintain vital life force and homeostasis
This electromagnetic force (also known as chi) can be harnessed, focused and implemented to rewire the cellular matrix and nervous system.
Specific positions and directions create targeted effects on the body/mind through the natural interaction of electromagnetic fields.
The entire earths magnetosphere and all its elements are accessible to develop immense creative capacity once the body’s design and abilities are clearly understood.

Resistances can be very elusive.  The most challenging resistances to deal with are the resistances that are not seen as resistances.  They are seen as truths that need to be held on to but instead they are turbulent little devils that block you from stepping into and holding your authentic powers and engaging with yourself and other in a way that is pure and inspiring. Family resistances fall into the strongest of these categories. We can be emotionally bonded to extremely toxic behaviors of our parents and siblings when we are barely formed. Those bonds of energy to protect toxic behavior can be fierce and for most people very painful to look at. They will often feel off limits to even address or you may just be completely numb or blinded to them.

When taking on a coaching mentorship with me to truly get sober, you will most likely come up against every layered resistance and reason the addictive behavior was in place from the start. Those reasons are protective shields that help to keep the behavior or addiction in place as a mechanism of survival of the ego. This is why when you try to strip the behavior it can feel terrifying, stressful, alienating, weakening and even as though you are under attack. You are. You are entering and  going to battle with a part of yourself that feels it needs to continue to survive. These are often coded into your system. Here are some forms of resistance to watch out for as guideposts to avoid their pull and getting off track unknowingly.


  • Feeling angry or agitated
  • Being contrarian and not admitting you are (very common but hard to admit)
  • Believing any one is trying to hurt you in any way (unless they are actually trying to physically harm you)
  • Following weak emotions that create distance and lack of intimacy with your world
  • Not showing up on time or at all
  • Telling yourself “you got this” – when you don’t have it. This is typical of addictive arrogance, dominant behavior that is delusional
  • You start to hate the mentor or find flaw in the mentor instead of honoring the message
  • You need to show how much you know
  • You bond deeply with the traumatized victimized  part of your persona and make it your hero. (This is very common and why many people say they want to heal but actually have no interest in it at all. )
  • You shame yourself into not showing up or puff yourself up into not showing up
  • You lie to yourself and convince yourself of a lower truth that feels powerful in the moment in order to feed your addictions. Examples: I can smoke or drink or cheat on my wife this one time, I’m hurting this person for a good cause, I’m hurting myself for a good cause. Long term, these behaviors are devastating to your life
  • You lose track of your goals or change your goals midstream
  • You let your goals and priorities be dominated by your addictions
  • You selectively forget the pain and damage your behavior has caused you in the past to get a fix in the moment
  • You let the addiction rule the moment and choose to not apply your principles and skills
  • You shift into a manic, childish zone of not needing anything or anyone or feeling abandoned and disconnected when you are not.
  • You don’t reach out before you take a damaging action when you know very well help is always there.
  • You do not think or care about anything else other than what you feel and your addiction.
  • You refuse to listen to your self, your body and your mentor. You simply get too amped up and arrogant and won’t listen to your own wisdom.
  • Taking on too much at the beginning to set up failure

You can conquer these resistances gradually or quickly.  It depends on how strong you are internally and how willing you are to apply correct mind and actions to understand  and repair the damage you are causing to yourself and others.

I will guide you to identify these resistances as soon as we begin. Once you can see them for yourself you will have a grasp them and we can discuss how to work with them. Since each resistance can have a different effect on your body and mind and actions, we will discover what your unconscious forces are and I will give you ways to subdue or minimize then. Once you realize these resistances are stopping you from being truly expansive and joyous and of value to all, you will start to resent them versus worshipping them as powers. You may also see them as helpful mechanisms to survive but now no longer needed to propel forward.


  • Questioning the resistance with great vigilance
  • Tracking its effects on your self and others
  • Who does it serve and what benefit does it bring?
  • Is it protecting you from real harm or protecting others from real harm
  • Where you not see it operating?
  • Learning how to neutralize the intense force of it through SMA exercises.

How far do you want to go? How much of your disruptive self are you willing to do away with? Can you truly embrace your power and release your lower dominant behaviors?

I have for the most part seen those who were seriously ready to do the work  gradually grow into a new version of themselves with more energy, more life, more power and more sensitivity then they were even expecting.

I have seen people:

  • Go from hating and being dis-associated from themselves to loving and cherishing themselves
  • Shift their financial positions dramatically over short or medium periods of time
  • Enhance all of their relationships
  • Build and fortify strong new career pathways
  • Dramatically improve physical health (addictive patterns destroy the body’s natural healing mechanism) .
  • Find a new language and love for their life and simple values they formerly ignored
  • Move past life long trauma and into a new paradigm of connectivity and trust
  • Shed horrible habits and build authentic and long lasting positive behaviors

I have also seen people fail. They always fail for the same reason. They do not follow the actions needed in the moment the resistance or addictions magnifies itself. They choose to loose. You can choose to win.  Once you have the tools and understand your most valuable and authentic goals, it’s in your hands.