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Online Courses

Join a 30, 60, 90 Day Program or Personal Coaching SMA Program

  • Provide you with a full SMA program while helping you partner with a detox or in-patient recovery center.
  • Offer you a customized outpatient recovery program with a full time SMA sober coach and medical doctor when needed, for pre-care, recovery and post care from home.
  • Provide you with a specialized SMA coach for aftercare if you are already sober and worried about maintaining sobriety while dealing with challenging situations.
  • Offer you strategies, skillsets, rituals, and exercises to get to the next level of your life that is being obstructed by addictive behaviors and tendencies.
  • Smoking, alcohol, sex, drugs, pot, porn, gambling and/or food addictions
  • ADHD, anger management, depression, mood swings, relationships
  • Support for body/mind, organ training to enhance and quicken your recovery
  • Sobriety programs for professional sports teams and corporations looking to avoid substance problems or simply learn to operate from a more potent clear and non-addicted space.

Sober Martial Arts enhances all addiction programs through a proprietary method that involves breath control, mind control, and electricity control to influence the internal forces of the body and mind.

SMA combines various forms of the martial arts and specialized programs for those struggling with mental and physical challenges due to imbalances from addictions. Through proprietary methods and forms of Wing Chung, Liang Gong and MAOW (The Martial Arts of Wellness) you become adept at shifting the internal mechanism of your system to create a new state of being.

SMA uses the science of chi (electrical force), the body’s natural healing and balancing mechanisms, in conjunction with the proper positions necessary to rewire your coding on a core level.

Positions act like conductors of electricity for the body and environment. When they are combined with proper intentions and electromagnetic forces, they can create specific and lasting changes that cannot be achieved through any other means.

MAOW utilizes body electricity, precise postures and neurological channels to awaken forces that have been masked by defeating patterns so you can build new and healthy communication channels within your body and mind.

You learn to understand your addictions and states as a complex internal atmosphere that can be influenced by yourself as the creator instead of being dominated as the victim.

Hiding behind the state of your addictions lies a powerful energy that will lead you to profound natural states of balance, giving you a way back to your truest self and transforming what you felt as eternal loss into your infinite source.






SMA 30, 60, 90 Day Programs

(full program breakdowns available on SMA website)

a. Basic Support Program — You need help right now to battle an addiction but cannot afford to do a full program
Fee : $7k for 30 days

b. Intermediate Support Program – You need help and want to have semiregular check-ins weekly
Fee: $15k for 30 days

c. Advanced Support Program – You want a full-on intervention with daily support check-in
Fee: $30k for 30 days

d. VIP Support Program- High intensity support with multiple check-ins daily guiding you to stay fully on course and helping you regenerate your power more rapidly .
Fee: $45k – $60k for 30 days

Customizable 1 & 2 Year SMA + MAOW Mentorships

Customizable mentorships tailored to your individual needs
Fee: 80k – 150k per year

Mentorship training will cover both SMA and MAOW curriculum.
(1 session or two sessions per week) + varying check ins and reviews

Customizable SMA Programs For Your Rehab Centers
Available Now

Online classes with Sifu Matthew – In-person Intensives – Sober Coaching After Care – Program Instruction and Licensing Avaiable


(full program breakdowns available on SMA website)

SMA Core Training & MAOW Force Core Training

Introduction to your electricity – How does it work? What does the electrical system do? Why MAOW and SMA?

Recalibration for The Body Memory – Rewrite the body memory with the martial arts and strength training

  • Force field magnetics and training for basic protection – Controlling your field to avoid interference, outside forces, people that are invading when you need to protect that field.
  • Understanding what a force is, what forces are, what a field is, what your own field is and what’s in your field and how to track that.
  • Breathing for grounding, breathing for feeling your field, breathing for protection, breathing for impulse control
  • Physical stamina training – overcome your physiology
  • Mind Control + Breath Control for overriding past patterns and accessing creative intention AND MUCH MORE….
Fuses ancient wisdoms with evidence-based modern behavioral science

Customizable mentorships tailored to your individual needs
Fee: 80k – 150k per year

Mentorship training will cover both SMA and MAOW curriculum.
(1 session or two sessions per week) + varying check ins and reviews

Customizable SMA Programs For Your Rehab Centers
Available Now
  • Eliminates craving signals in addictive pathways by addressing underlying imbalances in weak organs that contribute to addictions.
  • Releases trauma from the body using proprietary forms
  • Addresses methods to shift underlying mental / emotional states that govern addictions.

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