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  • Tennis Elbow, Sciatica, Chronic Lower Back Pain
  • Tendonitis, Poorly Healed Surgery, Weakened Ligaments
  • Addictions, ADHD, Low Vitality, Hip and Knee Challenges and more…

Pain Is Designed to Be A Temporary Signal & Pain Killers are A Temporary Solution.

Being In Chronic Pain, Physically or Emotionally Is Your Body’s Signal For A Change In Balance

Being overwhelmed with pain and addicted to pain killers is a self defeating cycle that hinders the body’s ability to heal itself.

If you have tried many modalities and have had poor results with diminishing  chronic pain in your body, you need to take a different approach. 






You can feel good in your body all the time- 
You can:

  • Diminish Pain & Pain Killers
  • Eliminate Performance Enhancing Drugs
  • Regenerate Or Improve Chronic Conditions
  • Enhance Performance & Wellness
  • Learn To Use Your Body To Heal Itself
  • Strengthen Specific Organs & Overall Vitality While Exercising
  • Break Free of The Habits & Addictions That Keep Your Body & Mind Weak 

SMA addresses the scientific and physics principles of bio-electromagnetic force, position, motion and direction to deal with chronic pain as well as to prevent and heal future potential injuries.

Your injuries and pain remain constant due to lack of balance in body forces and circulation. The primary cause of circulation is space and body electricity.

Your entire body is an electromagnetic instrument that generates health, and power through its internal capacity to store, balance and manipulate forces.

Forces are real chemical elements (think periodic table) that dictate the potential for wellness, health, dexterity, and power. These forces or elements comprise all of the electro-chemical structures needed to both play optimally and recover efficiently. 

Once you open the doorway to understanding your body language, you will have a greater control over how you feel from moment to moment. 

Kung Fu Sifu, Matthew

Sometimes referred to as “The Injury Whisperer,” is the creator of Sober Martial Arts. He is a Kung Fu master, chi-healer, injury repair expert and certified addiction recovery coach. He teaches customized wellness programs globally through the martial arts using MAOW and SMA techniques. Although many of his mentors were excellent fighters and he is skilled in the combat arts, his lifetime’s goal, passion and focus is using the body’s electromagnetism (chi) for wellness, power and success.

His ability to effect the body with his own electromagnetic field (chi) was involved in a pilot study at a renowned research institute where he was able to rapidly reduce inflammation and increase range of motion, using position and bio-electromagnetic force.

His clients include NBA players, professional athletes, self-help leaders, celebrities, CEOs, hedge funds, and all those looking to elevate their position of wellness.

He has run clinics and programs at The Carillon Hotel in Miami, and worked with The Hale Clinic and Lanserhof in London.

He carries black belts in Judo and Jiu Jitsu and is a Sifu (Master) under Sifu Alan Goldberg in Lau Wai Wing Chun Kung Fu. He is certified under Sifu Gerald Sharp to teach Bagua and Liangong (internal and external posture and joint repair), Chi Gong (energy healing) and Five Phases of the Swimming Dragon.

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