Your Martial Arts Skills & Training Can Be Used to Heal Your Body

Your body’s incredible capacity to build up electricity, circulate that electricity to the cells to regenerate and transfer that electric or energetic force outwards is a natural process of cellular communication and regeneration. Everything we do on a fundamental level is based on absorbing force or energy from objects and using that force to live life.  Eating an apple, drinking a glass of water, or having an inspiring conversation, they are all forms of exchanging electricity, minerals and particles to build our energetic forces. This electromagnetic force and particles can be also be called chi. The more powerful, balanced and focus your chi is, the more you can consciously use it to heal your body or your mind

Conscious Regeneration-

As a martial artist, specifically in striking and standing arts, you may not know this, but you are building large quantities of electromagnetic force  in your body by holding your fists and or palms in specific positions, grabbing the ground with your feet, breathing and focusing your mind and attention. Concentrating this force in your body can make you much stronger than your physical size because you are increasing the size and strength of your electrical field. You can witness this phenomenon in nature easily when a smaller animal defeats a larger animal. Cats have beaten alligators and rats have defeated cats. When a rat defeats a cat it’s because the rat’s electrical field is fierce and more centered and focused. The rat will override the electrical field of the cat (even if the cat is superiorly equipped)  and the cat will feel weakened in its body. If you are a fighter and are not familiar with feeling your own energy field, you can see it as the unknown factor when you are completely overwhelmed by an opponent and feel weak in their presence when they technically do not appear on the surface as skilled as you and not as strong as you.

You can consciously learn to control this internal force and also bring in more force by connecting to the atmosphere and electrical fields around you. Since our bodies are naturally tuned to these electrical fields; they require them for their survival, they are able and willing to work with you as soon as you are willing to engage them.