Get 24/7 Support & Overcome Your Addictions.


Let Us Guide You Back To Your Authentic Power

Where Addictions Cannot Operate


Learn the Science of Balancing
Your Force with Sober Coach Matthew

Alcohol, Drugs & Food
Body Injuries


Recover From Injuries, Use Your Body to Heal Yourself​

Work With Your Body Electricity; Make Rapid Progress



Certified Recovery Coaching +
Martial Arts & Wellness Accreditations


SMA offers you a new outpatient alternative approach & support system so you can prevent relapses with confidence. SMA will provide you with a seasoned SMA coach and powerful methods to master challenges stemming from imbalanced states of mind and body that fuel addictions.

Whatever Levels of Addiction You Struggle With, Addressing the Body / Mind Connection Can Bring you Great Relief

  • One On One Private Coaching Mentorships With Sober Coach Matthew Or An SMA Coach
  • 24/7 Access To SMA Support System Coaches
  • SMA Coaches For Inpatient And Outpatient Support
  • Addiction Physician + Nutritional Consultations & Support For Detox Needs
  • Customized SMA Body & Mind Addiction Programs
  • SMA Injury Repair & Pain Management Program
  • SMA Body & Mind Regeneration Programs Combined With Top Nutritional Support
  • In-person + Online Sessions Available
  • Introduction to SMA Inner Circle Members & Support Groups
  • SMA Family Integration Support Program
  • AA 12 Steps If Desired Or The SMA Transformational Step Program

Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City Paradise Room, 4th Floor

Friday Night, January 27th: 9:00pm

Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City 4th Floor Paradise Room

January 28st 9:00am -10:30am

SMA Is A Combination Of My 40+ Years Of Martial Arts Experience applied toward injuries, addictions and all states of mental and physical imbalance

Turn Your Sobriety Into A Power & Master Your Life

SMA Is A New Outpatient Recovery And After-care Program Created From The Science And Physics Of The Martial Arts.

Enter the Sober Zone

Are You Being Defeated by Your Addictions?

The Method You Need to Stay Sober

Addictions Lie. Your Body Tells the Truth.

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