Get 24/7 Support & Overcome Your Addictions.


Defeat Your Addictions with Martial Arts' Science & Modern Medicine


Learn to Balance Your Forces with The SMA Method

Alcohol, Drugs, Food
Body Injuries


Recover From Injuries, Use Your Body to Heal Yourself​

Harmonize Your Body Electricity; Make Rapid Progress




Create A Bespoke, SMA Detox, Recovery & Wellness Program

Certified Recovery Coaching +
Martial Arts & Wellness Accreditations

Kung Fu Can Rewire Your Nervous System

"Precise Body Posture & Direction are Catalysts to
Positive, Physiological & Chemical Change."

"Precise Body Posture & Direction are Catalysts to Positive, Physiological & Chemical Change."

"Martial Art’s Forces, Harnessed Properly, Profoundly Rewire Your Nervous System."

Get Relief From All Levels of Addictions With The SMA Body/ Mind Training


  • Addiction Medicine + Nutritional Consultations & Support For Detox Needs
  • SMA Coaches For Inpatient And Outpatient Support
  • Customized SMA Body & Mind Addiction Programs
  • SMA Injury Repair & Pain Management Program
  • SMA Body & Mind Regeneration Programs For Burnout
  • In-person + Online Sessions Available
  • SMA Family Support Program
  • AA 12 Steps If Desired Or The SMA Transformational Phase Program


SMA offers you a new alternative approach & support system so you can prevent relapses with confidence. SMA will provide you with a seasoned SMA coach and powerful methods to master challenges stemming from imbalanced states of mind and body that fuel addictions

"You are not powerless over your addictions, you are
addicted to feeling powerless."

"You are not powerless over your addictions, you are addicted to feeling powerless."

SMA Is A Combination Of My 40+ Years Of Martial Arts Experience applied toward injuries, addictions and all states of mental and physical imbalance

Turn Your Sobriety Into A Power & Master Your Life

SMA Is A New Outpatient Recovery And After-care Program Created From The Science And Physics Of The Martial Arts.

Enter the Sober Zone

Are You Being Defeated by Your Addictions?

The Method You Need to Stay Sober

Addictions Lie. Your Body Tells the Truth.

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We are an out of pocket program and do not take insurance at this time.  If you decide to stay at one of our partner detox facilities for your initial detox, you will be able to use your insurance if it is accepted by them.


We will provide you with several options to choose from for living arrangements, custom tailored to your unique situation.

Accommodation Options:

  1. Choose a luxury apartment for 15 days or more in the Upper East or West Side that we can provide for you. You will be supported by our Psychiatric detox staff and SMA Coaches at your residence or at the center. 
  2. Detox at one of our luxury rehab partners’ centers in NYC, Long Island or Connecticut, while working with an SMA coach and starting your SMA program.
  1. The program will run 30 to 120 days. 
  2. Your days will be fully structured with SMA training and activities. While you will have ample time to handle your personal business and of course any emergencies that come up, you will be meeting with Sifu Matthew or one of the SMA coaches at least once per day for several hours. You will also have work to do throughout the day in the SMA workbook. You will have night time training as well designed to repair your nervous system and enforce your goals and dreams.  Those will either be in person or on Zoom or phone. 
  3. Your work will consist of physical forms and training designed to invigorate and empower as well as many other specialized exercises, some of which will be relaxing and reflective, designed to help you rewire quickly. 
  4. You will have journal assignments as well as education classes teaching you the SMA principles that will cover a vast array of topics. We will arm you with techniques that will help you handle trauma and improve all your relationships, especially to yourself.
  1. We can help you to detox outside of the city until you are clear from substances and feeling stable and then join our program.
  2. While detoxing, (as soon as you’re up to it), you will be learning, online or in person, SMA methods to eliminate cravings. You will also be supervised by our medical staff that will handle your food and supplements to help you detox quicker and stabilize.
  3. It is possible to have a coach or companion assigned to you 24/7 as well, if you choose to not stay outside of the city. 
  4. You will also have a sober buddy assigned to you (different from your coach or companion) which can be a family member, or close friend you trust, who you must report to.
  1. Nothing you will not be able to handle. You will be met at your level. SMA training covers many aspects of martial arts related to healing and recovering. You will not be standing in a line in a class doing Karate or Kung Fu punches. You will learn to use your body in an entirely new way through breath control, mind control, body electrical awareness and more. Some of the exercises and teachings can be done relaxing on the floor or sitting in a chair. Some will require physical effort and dexterity and others will be totally reflective and meditative. 
  2. SMA does provide combat training as well, if that is something that you are drawn to, and your body and mind are ready to take that on once you’re sober and stable. 
  3. If we feel you need to push harder and stretch your limits, we will suggest more intensive training, and you can decide if you want to rise to the occasion.
  1. You will be paired up with an SMA coach and have the option of many different tiers of coaching, depending on what your goals and visions are. 
  2. SMA is a philosophy and way of interacting with life. We have many programs and courses we offer that stem far beyond addiction. We offer teaching covering manifestation, business success, relationship dynamics, body wellness and much more. You  can choose to grow with the skills we offer both in your sobriety and all other aspects. 
  3. You will never be abandoned or left to feel you don’t have guidance.

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