Chi Regeneration Experiences

Watch How the Body Can Heal Itself When Given the Proper Electrical Boost

De'Aaron Fox and Sifu Matthew - Toe, Shoulder, Groin
Sifu Matthew and NFL legend Eric Dickerson, use Maow training to regenerate the spine.
Eric Dickerson, NFL Legend, discusses rapid healing of his broken finger
Austin's Rapid Recovery with Sifu Matthew
Before: Sifu Matthew and Olympic Gold Medalist, Miki Barber - Nerve damage healed
After: Sifu Matthew and Olympic Gold Medalist, Miki Barber, Nerve damage healed
Her Toes Have Not Moved Since Birth
NFL STAR WES SAUNDERS – Ankle and Back Recovery
Before: Shoulder was stuck from a ligament tear
After: Shoulder range of motion healed rapidly
Morton’s Neuroma Healed in Minutes at The Conscious Life Expo
Rapid Rotator Cuff Repair, Surgery Avoided
Phillies Minor League Baseball pitcher, Aaron Brown, improves mechanics and throwing force
Sifu Matthew trains Phillies Minor League Baseball pitcher, Aaron Brown to focus heart magnetism
Master Anton Peterson, Martial Arts Instructor – Healing of Knee & Back Pain
Master Alan Goldberg – Hand Function Restored
D.W. - Bone & Ligaments Recovered Rapidly
Miraculous Recovery of An Immobile Wrist
The Injury Whisperer Guides Rapid Recovery
James Lew – Martial Arts Film Choreographer Powerful Multi-Level Healing
Peter's 42 Year Immobile Shoulder Restored Rapidly
Nerves regenerated after 40 years of no sensation
Rapid Recovery of Chronic Knee Injury
Rapid Recovery of a Poorly Healed Fracture
Rapid Healing of Bursitis at the Martial Arts Museum.
Rapid Healing of Knee Pain
Migraine Disappears Using Position & Direction
Wrist injury healed rapidly at The Conscious Life Expo
Jojo the shih tzu has rapid healing of urinary infection, insomnia and dizziness.
Sifu Matthew Teaches The Science of Martial Arts and Healing
Actor & Martial Arts Star Sasha Mitchell – Shoulder Injury Healed
MAOW K9 - Rufus the German Shepherd Healing
Sifu Matthew in Action at The Conscious Life Expo
Miraculous Ankle Healing
Sifu Matthew Restores Nerve Function After 12 years
Motion Recovers in Paralyzed Fingers
His Toes Now Move Again
Sifu Matthew Helps Jenna's Rotator Cuff Injury Heal Rapidly

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